Caught reading – Fr Noel Kierce

RECOMMENDATIONS                                                                                                       (Staff, 10-12)

 Fr Noel Kierce

What are you reading? At present I am reading Edward VI, the lost king of England by Chris Skidmore.

What’s it about?  It is a book which deals with the desire of HenryVIII for a male heir, Edward’s birth and education and his accession to the throne as a young boy. It also deals with the machinations of those who were to rule in his name until he came of age. Sadly he died of tuberculosis before he was eighteen and it leads in to the question of the succession, Lady Jane Grey and how Mary Tudor claimed the throne.

Why this book? I have had an interest in Tudor and Stuart England ever since my university days and find that this book, although quite detailed and complex, helps to understand what went on between Henry VIII’s days and those of Mary Tudor.

Has it lived up to your expectations? I think that it more than fulfilled my expectations.

Would you recommend it to others? Certainly, especially if they are interested in the Tudors and their history.

Read more about this book here and here.

Thankyou, Fr Kierce, for sharing your reading with us.

We are always happy to receive an email from you telling us what you’ve been reading.



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