Caught reading – Mr Hardiman and Mr Doolan

RECOMMENDATIONS/BOOK REVIEW                                                                     (Staff, 7-9, 10-12)

Have you noticed that we have more male teachers caught reading than female? That’s a strong message for all you boys out there!

Today we have caught both Mr Hardiman and Mr Doolan reading.

200px-World_War_Z_book_cover Dominic Hardiman

What are you reading? The last book I read was World War Z by Max Brooks

Why this book? The book itself came highly recommended by friends.

What’s it about? The book covers in a series of interviews by Brooks of the world war between humanity and those infected with a zombie virus. The book covers in realistic terms and expression through interviews with “survivors” from around the world the initial outbreak to full scale war to the aftermath and rebuilding of the world post-zombie apocalypse.

Has it lived up to your expectations? The book was gripping reading. Brooks is a talented author who is able to covey an extremely realistic vision of survival horror.

Would you recommend it to others? The book itself is excellent though I would only recommend it for mature readers.

Read more about this book here.

Joe Doolan

fourculturesWhat are you reading? The Four Cultures of the West by John O’Malley

Why this book? This book enables me to look at the contemporary world and note the legacy of the Western cultures. It also forces me to critique our college and gauge our fidelity to these great cultures.

What’s it about? It explores the idea that western civilization was built upon Prophecy- biblical and social Scholarship- the idea of the university.The idea of the Human- the great writers, eg. Shakespeare; beauty in art, architecture, music.

O’Malley is a catholic historian and many of the examples are religious but the thesis still stands given that the formation of western culture  was inextricably linked to the  Christian story.

Read more about this book here.


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