What’s your creative take on your favourite book?

NEWS/COMPETITION                                                                                                                (Staff, 7-9, 10-12)

Win, win, win!


On the Your Say page of the State Library of Victoria’s insideadog, you will find just the  thing if you enjoy  reading and like a creative challenge.To win a prize, you have to produce a creative response to a book, and you get to choose  the book and the  format of your creation.

 Not only that, but if you like the idea but you’re  stuck for ideas, there are lots of ideas  and examples to get your imagination sparking.


Read about it here.  There’s a great choice –

The possibilities are endless, you could even make a quilt if you wanted to.

What’s in it for you? Well, the winner will choose between a digital camera, a digital video camera or an iPod touch. There will also be lots of runners-up who will win books, tshirts and other good stuff. Keep checking the news page for results.

Go to the insideadog page to find out how to submit your entries.

Just to increase your chances of winning, the Writer in Residence, Richard Harland, also has a competition.


Read about this challenge:

invent the funniest/wackiest/insightfulest/whatever planning notes for a book you love – or hate. For example, here are Tolkien’s planning notes for Lord of the Rings (see above).

So you have to invent some author’s plan for their famous novel. (Stephanie Meyer’s plan for Twilight? JK Rowling’s plan for ending the Harry Potters? or Winnie-the-Pooh? Dracula? Pride and Prejudice? – be as disrespectful as you like about any novel you like!)

Richard Harland gives you a lot of help here, for example, by showing you how to make the aged paper or the corrugated cardboard pictured above. There are some great ideas for this challenge, and the winner receives a copy of Richard’s new book, World Shaker, an amazing steampunk novel that you’ll be hearing a lot about soon.


But hurry because entries have to be in before the end of the month.


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