What does the White Stripes have to do with choosing a book to read?

BOOK REVIEW                                                                                                                                 (Staff, 7-9, 10-12)

Anthem of a reluctant prophet by Joanne Proulx

Sockum Sucks

 There could be stranger reasons for picking up a book other than the colours of the book cover reminded you of one of your favourite bands. That’s why my son eventually read this book and loved it! 

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I had read about Anthem of a reluctant prophet by Joanne Proulx on a number of YA fiction blogs and it had received great reviews and after reading it myself I encouraged my son to read it. Eventually he did, although he told me he only picked it up because the book reminded him of the White Stripes because of the colour scheme used on the cover – red, white and black. There were nights when I would go to bed only to find him still awake with the light on reading! A miracle in itself….

Here’s what he had to say after finishing –

I really enjoyed Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet, although to be honest I didn’t think I would. I don’t really like reading books, and when I do read, it’s usually some sort of a fantasy novel. But this book is truly amazing. I really felt the things that Luke Hunter felt, and I could relate to the way he thought and the actions he took. The type of language that the author has used really resonates with a teenage audience, which also helps make the whole thing feel a lot more realistic. This made me start to truly care for him, along with the other characters in the book like his friend Fang. I really loved the way the characters developed and changed during the book as well, and they were all very intriguing. Combined with a thought provoking story with the occasional plot twist, Anthem of a Reluctant Poet is a really great read. Even if you don’t like books, just give it a shot; it won’t disappoint.

The Story –

“Stan,” I said, and I said it kind of loud so of course he had to look up. “Tomorrow morning. 8:37. The red van with the out-of-state plates? You go head to head. You lose. You die.”

After freakishly foretelling the death of a friend, Luke Hunter becomes big news in Stokum, his rank little pinprick of a hometown. Terrified, but pretending not to be, Luke holds everyone—the local media, his buddy Fang, the Polish widow next door—at arm’s length as he lurches through a personal minefield studded with previously unconsidered existential ponderings, Christian fundamentalists, a missing teen’s frantic mother, and a dream girl who isn’t his.

Hormonal and funny, exhilarating and wise, Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet slyly explores the need to belong, the isolation of youth, and the powerful brew of fear and truth, music and noise, that plays inside us all.

anthem basement

Music features heavily in the book and you can find the play list   on the site as well.

So I highly recommend this book even to those of you who are “reluctant readers”.


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