The Nostradamus prophecy by Theresa Breslin

  • Do you believe that anyone can see into the future?
  • Ever been fascinated with Nostradamus’ prophecies?
  • Theresa Breslin has written a gripping story set in medieval Europe.

    Why set a story in 16th century France? The Guardian sums it up well:

    It’s a time and a place that’s ripe for conflict: riven by religious disputes, presided over by the sinister and dazzling Catherine de’ Medici, and with huge and growing divisions between rich and poor. Divination and prophecy are believed, alongside the Gospels, and Nostradamus’s predictions are part of the cultural landscape at court. As well as being a prophet, he was also at the forefront of medicine and, as readers of Breslin’s book will discover, was a fascinating person in many ways.

    The story moves at a thrilling pace, and has all the things you look for in a book – murder, revenge, passion, assassinations, deceit, romance, poisons and sword-fighting.

    Have a look at Theresa Breslin’s website. There’s a great synopsis of the story:

    When Nostradamus, wild-eyed and trembling, proclaims to the French Court his prophecy of a great massacre, the young King Charles only laughs. His mother, Catherine de Medici, pays more heed to the soothsayer’s words – she believes he can truely see the future.

    But Nostradamus’s prophecies are not only for those who rule; he also has a message for Melisande, the minstrel’s daughter. For he is certain that Fate links him and Melisande together. And as the Angel of Death approaches, the soothsayer gives into her safekeeping some very special parchments – parchments that the titled heads of France would do anything to see.

    You can even read extracts from the book on the website.

    Can you believe that Nostradamus published The Prophecies in 1555, and it’s rarely been out of print since his death. Recent research suggests that a great deal of Nostradamus’ prophetic work borrows from ancient end-of-the-world prophecies, particularly those of the Bible, and then projects these into the future using horoscopy.


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