Harry Potter kids grow up – LIFE photos

If you have been following the Harry Potter films and their stars, you’ll be interested in having a look at LIFE photographs archives which have excellent pictures of the main actors as they grow up.

I’ve included a few for starters:

Here’s a recent one of the 3 main stars:


Rupert Grint, age 13


Emma Watson, age 10


Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley), age 18


Phelp twins, age 23 (Fred and George Weasley)


Tom Felton, age 21 (Draco Malfoy)


LIFE also has pictures from the new Harry Potter movie.Hogwarts

Severus Snape (Alan Rickman)


Harry and Ginny


Dumbledore stands alone


Visit LIFE and browse the whole archive. LIFE photographs are conveniently organised into sets; you’ll find some interesting visual documentation.

If you’ve seen the new Harry Potter movie, we’d love you to leave your opinion in the comments section after Josh Bell’s review. Don’t forget, you are all welcome to submit a review of books or films you have enjoyed (or not).


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