My extraordinary life and death by Doug Macleod

You get a fair indication of what this book is about when you read the blurb:

What exactly is The Tight Trouser Club?

Where do you buy children at bargain prices?

How do you survive a father who buries you in the garden whenever you misbehave?

And whom do you contact when your wife starts to shrink?

None of these questions are answered in My extraordinary life and death, though what do you expect if the author admits that he is dead?

A rollercoaster of madness and surreal comedy awaits the reader brave enough to open this truly remarkable book.

My extraordinary life and death started as a blog that got way out of hand. Well known author, Doug MacLeod, was invited by the State Library of Victoria to keep a blog for a month. How many people actually believe that their life is interesting enough to blog about? He didn’t, so he made up a whole life story, using old woodcut pictures as background to sustain the text.

In its four-weekly instalments, readers got to know of the horrors of St Brendan’s Boarding School, the exploits of The Trouser Club, and the terrible fates that befell every single member of Doug’s family, including himself. The blog has been expanded to produce a remarkable book.

Complete with explosions, wild animals and even intergalactic travels, My extraordinary life and death could well be one of the most exciting stories never to have happened.





 I recommend this book if you feel like strange humour. Have a flip through. 


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