Shooter by Walter Dean Myers

shooter From the start of the story, Shooter, you know that something very serious has happened in one of the Harrison County  schools, you just don’t know exactly what. That really makes you want to read on…

 The story unfolds as you read, but not in the usual way. You hear the story from multiple viewpoints. Actually, it’s like a series  of reports – of a school psychologist, an FBI agent, a threat analysis specialist and the town sheriff – compiled in the aftermath  of the accident. There, I said it – accident. And we get to know the characters from these documents.

 This is a story driven by questions of guilt and innocence.

 It’s a powerful story about 3 teenagers caught up in a web of violence. Piece everything together by reading interviews, newspaper reports, police reports and diaries.

 The final page is the medical examiner’s report; it is blunt, factual and  very final.

Shooter is a “tough” story that explores school bullying and violence, and the extreme events that can be the tragic result.

Have a look at the author’s website.


This story challenges its readers to think about how they would handle and react to difficult situations.

Please be aware that the violence contained is suitable for mature readers.

Walter Dean Myers’ Shooter was very controversial when it was published in USA for this reason. The violence in Myers’ books is not gratuitous, however, and he asks probing questions about serious issues. His book, Fallen angels, is about a Vietnam veteran trying to fit back into society, and Myers asks ‘how do we help these people?’ Difficult questions, but worth investigating.


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