If you like this, then you’ll love that

Don’t say we don’t look after you! Next time you’re browsing the fiction shelves, you may notice that we’ve added shelf labels recommending similar books to the ones you have read and enjoyed.

Does that make sense?

Sooooooooo, when you have really enjoyed a book, author or series, and you want more of the same, you will have an idea of what to read.

For example, if you’ve loved the Specky Magee series, the Alex Rider books, the Twilight series, etc. – you know what I mean – then you’ll know that you can also read Wombat’s footy heroes, or the Boy soldier series, or the Mortal instruments series.

Here’s a list of some of the recommendations you’ll see around the library:

Love the Cherub series?  Then try the Young Bond series by Charlie Higson. Start with Silver Fin.



Love the Alex Rider series? Then try the Boy Soldier series by Andy McNab. Start with Boy Soldier.


Love the Chronicles of ancient darkness? Then try The Chronicles of stone trilogy by Vincent Ford. Start with Scorched bone.


Love the Alpha Force series? Then try the Mission: Survival series by Bear Grylls. Start with Gold of the gods.


Love the Specky Magee series? Then try Wombat’s footy heroes by Harvey Lang or Killer boots by Wendy Jenkins.

Specky Mageewombatsfooty

Love the Twilight series? Then try the Mortal instruments series by Cassandra Clare. Start with City of bones.


Love Goal I and Goal II? Then try Jasper Zammit: soccer legend series by Deborah Abela & Johhny Warren. Start with The game of life by Abela.

goalsoccer legend

 For a cross between Indiana Jones and Alex Rider, try The guild of specialists trilogy by Joshua Mowll. Start with Operation Red Jericho.


Love the Mortal Instruments series? Then try the Wicked lovely series by Melissa Marr. Start with Wicked lovely.


We’d love to hear your suggestions.  Have you read something that’s similar to something else?


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