We have some pretty horrible stuff!

You  may have noticed (and I know some of you have) that we’ve added a new lot of books in their own special spot, and it’s near the colour photocopier/printer called Monica in the library.untitled It’s called

Our Weird and wonderful world!

Yes, it’s the horrible section. You know, the popular Horrible Histories series.  But it’s not just that, there are lots of crazy, gory, bloody and dead famous books here – so many that I can’t list them all. You’ll have to come over and look for yourself.

Ok, so I will try and give you some idea of what we have. Here goes.

Horrible Histories

woefulwar  The Woeful Second World War by Terry Deary





gorystoriesShadow  Shadow of the gallows by Terry Deary




deadfamousscientists   Dead Famous Scientists    

    and their mind-blowing experiments



bloodybritain   The bloody history of Britain (without the  boring bits!)




terribleTudors   The special evil edition of Terrible Tudors





It'strueHauntingsHauntings happen and ghosts get grumpy (It’s true!)




sportstinks   It’s true! Sport stinks!




spacespaghetti   It’s true! Space turns you into spaghetti.




body   Mega Bites: Body, bones, blood and other body parts




MegabitesSharks   Mega Bites: Sharks




mummies   Mega Bites: Mummies




wheel Are you for wheel? The most amazing cars ever




Come in and have a read!


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