Mrs Kearney reviews Skeleton Creek


Patrick Carman has brought books into the 21st century by combining text and video in his new book Skeleton Creek.  The story is set in the mythical town of Skeleton Creek.  The novel opens with a journal entry from Ryan, telling about his accident on the old gold dredge which nearly cost him his life.  He and his friend Sarah were on the dredge trying to uncover its sinister secrets when the accident happened.  Ryan is now confined to bed as he recovers, forbidden to have any contact with Sarah.  However the two teenagers are still in contact with each other, through email.  Sarah has been continuing her search for clues though, and sends frequent videos to Ryan as they continue their investigations into the strange happenings in their town.

Carman combines the viewpoints of both Ryan and Sarah, with alternating chapters of diary entries for Ryan, followed by a video entry for Sarah.  Following each of Ryan’s notes is a web link (URL) and a password which allows the reader to view Sarah’s video online, just as Ryan would.  Gradually the story unfolds and finally reaches a very dramatic, cliff hanger, conclusion.

I really enjoyed reading and viewing the story.  It’s a very clever idea and adds a new dimension to storytelling.  Have a look at this YouTube video of the author explaining more about how the book came to be.

Patrick Carman has a great website with lots of book trailers, vlogs and cool links. His other books are worth reading as well and he has dedicated websites for those as well as Skeleton Creek. Take the time to explore his site as it may inspire you to read Skeleton Crekk and his others books.


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