Mr Doolan reviews Hornet flight by Ken Follett


A riveting read that combines adventure, amateur spies and domestic intrigue during the Second World War is Follett’s novel.

Set in Northern Europe the story surrounds the military secret that has to be communicated to the British across the channel. Even if you possess the most rudimentary knowledge of fighter planes the narrative is engaging.

The cat and mouse chase to secure the details and escape the Germans is enthralling and would make a good movie.

The key question  throughout  the novel is:

How could an old Hornet, should it be air worthy, ever evade the Messerschmitdts in a race to England?

The final scenes are well written and Follett displays his talent in crafting another compelling work.

Well recommended for middle and senior students. A must read for aviation enhusiasts. 


If you like spy thrillers set in wartime, you’ll love this book. 


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