New book out in June for fans of Cherub and The Henderson boys

Eagle Day by Robert Muchamore is coming out in June!

Fans of Cherub and The Henderson Boys, only 3 months to go beforeEagle Day is yours to read.


Despite her hopeless military situation, England shows no sign of willingness to come to terms. I have decided to prepare, and if necessary to carry out, a landing operation against her. 
Adolf Hitler, July 16th 1940.As the Battle of Britain rages, Charles Henderson and four young agents must do everything they can to thwart Hitler’s plans to cross the channel and invade Southern England. In the Summer of 1940 Britain was fighting alone against superior German forces. Hitler planned to invade England before winter weather made it impossible and had set the invasion date for the second week of September.

These days living in Britain feels pretty secure, so it’s hard to imagine what it must have been like with bombs dropping out of the sky and the imminent threat of a German invasion.

But of course, Henderson’s Boys weren’t going to sit back and let that happen!

Go to the website to read sample chapters.


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