Love sport? We have a book for you…

I’ve had some feedback from students who like sport, and would like to read books about sport. I must admit, I’ve left this genre off for personal reasons,


but hey, this blog isn’t about me –

it’s about YOU.

So, as  promised, here’s a post that will give you lots of reading ideas if you’re into sport of any kind. Since we have so many books in the sports genre, I can’t include them all, but I can give you a good start. 

There are many types of sports stories, and apart from the popular football, basketball, cricket, running/athletics, rugby, soccer, skateboarding, surfing – there are also books about sailing, triathalon, taekwando, swimming, cycling, and many more.

I’ll give you a shortlist of books under sport headings, and it will get you started.

Remember, if you know the author’s name, you can find the book in the fiction section by looking for the first 4 letters of that name.


The Specky Magee series by Felice Arenaspecky

Footy shorts and Dirty shorts by Margaret Clark

Deadly Unna is a great story about footy, by Phillip Gwynne

Half the battle by Don Henderson

Tyger, tyger by Michael Hyde, which is good, it’s going to get its own post

Wombat’s footy heroes by Harvey Lang

More than a game by Peter McFarlane

Clearing the pack (Legends series) by Michael Panckridge

Football stories by James Riordan

and many more…


The last shot by Allan Baillie

Top shots series: The slammers and Star rookie by Krista Bell

The Sports Max series: Rebound by Dennis Edwards, and Give it hoops by David Hill

The Degrassi series: BLT by Catherine Dunphy

Shorts series: Wavelength by Daryl McCann

Legends series: Michael on the buzzer.


Our Don Bradman: the diary of Victor McDonald by Peter Allen

Johnny Whistler and the madcap cricket match by Reawyn Caisely

Glory Gardens series by Bob Cattell: Glory in the cup; Bound for glory; The big test; World Cup fever

The best batsman in the world by Dave Luckett

The final test by Gareth Owen

Against the spin (Legends series) by Michael Panckridge; and also by the same author all the Toby Jones titles

Nips XI; Nips go national by Ruth Starke and more… 


Front runner by Jane Carroll

More than gold by John Heffernan

Animal instinct by David Metzenthen

Dougy; and Gracey by James Moloney

Going for gold (Sport max) by Trevor Wilson


Killer moves (Sport max) by David Hill

Touch me by James Moloney

Crush by Scott Monk

Shielding the truth (and others) by Michael Panckridge


A shot in the dark by Rob Childs

Squabbling squabs by Michael Coleman

Doing the double by Alan Durant

Boy overboard by Morris Gleitzman

Gazza’s gone; Soccer’s off by John Larkin (Western Wildcats series)

Keeper; The penalty by Mal Peet

Goal!; Goal II: living the dream by Robert Rigby

Double fake by Rich Wallace

and many more…


Who dares? by Krista Bell

Alex Jackson: Grommet; SWA; Closing out by Pat Flynn

The pipe by James Moloney

Out of bounds by Michael Panckridge



   Who dares?; Who cares? by Krista Bell

  White lies by JCBurke

  Surf’s up by Diane Chase

  Board Shorts by Margaret Clark

  Last wave by Paul Hayden

  In too deep by DCGrant

Lockie Leonard series by Tim Winton

Against the spin (Legends series) by Michael Panckridge

and many more…

Well, that’s for starters, anyway…

If anyone would like to recommend a sports fiction book they enjoyed, please be my guest.


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