Prefer to read about the real world?

So, you like to read about stuff that really happened? That’s cool. There are some fantastic stories about events that really happened.  You can read about true stories of war, escapes, extreme adventure, survival, detective, murder/mystery, spy, crime, biography, and many more.

Here’s a list to get you started: 

 Terry Deary has a huge series of True stories.  Some of these are:drdrearyhome1

  • True crime stories
  • True disaster stories
  • True escape stories
  • True mystery stories
  • True horror stories
  • True spy stories
  • True war stories
  • True shark stories

And don’t forget the Horrible Histories series as well. Visit his website for more information and a bit of fun  

truesurvivalPaul Dowsell has a series of similar true stories, including:

  •   True survival stories
  •   True stories of pirates
  •   True stories of heroes
  •   True stories of Second World War
  •   True ghost stories



Anthony Masters has written Football heroes

World War 2 Stories: War in the air; War on land; War at home; 

There are many, many authors who have written true stories that are excellent reading:

The water puppets: a story from the war in Vietnam by Clive Gifford

Young digger; and Soldier boy: the true story of Jim Martin, the youngest ANZAC by Anthony Hill

truestoriesofthesas4True stories of the SAS by Robin Hunter

True sports stories by Tim Lardner

The long patrol: Australia and East Timor wars by Richard Plunkett

The star houses: a story from the holocaust by Stewart Ross

Escape: ten perilous escape stories from around the world by Laura Scandiffio

Tunnels: 10 true stories of human drama beneath the ground by Diane Swansonsurvivinghitler1

Surviving Hitler: one boy’s true story by Andrea Warren

So, if you think you don’t like reading – think again…


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