Mac Slater – Cool Hunter by Tristan Bancks

Mac Slater, Cool Hunter, is a great new series, starting with The rules of cool.


What’s the first book about?

Mac’s just crashed his flying bike in front of practically the whole school. So when the creators of Coolhunters approach him and tell him he’s an Innovator, Mac thinks they’re crazy.

I mean, Mac lives in an old bus with his hippie mum. He doesn’t have a TV, let alone a mobile. But Tony and Speed say he’s so uncool he’s, like, cool.

They offer Mac a trial. He’ll vlog all the cool stuff coming out of King’s Bay for a week. If he wins he’ll travel the world, uncovering stuff he loves and reporting it via Coolhunters, a massive online space dedicated to the coolest things on earth.

But hunting cool ain’t easy. Mac’s opponent, Cat DeVrees, wants the gig real bad and she’ll do just about anything to get it.

The website allows you to read an extract.


What I like the most is this page which allows you to watch the book trailer as well as a video of the author talking about his books. He looks like a student! How old is he? 16?

I HEART NY is the second book in the series. Mac and his best friend, Paul have just become coolhunters for a massively popular webspace in New York, and Mac is beyond excited. The catch: he has to find the Next Big Thing in NYC – or be sent home.

Mac makes friends with a young inventor, Melody, who lets him into a secret headquarters for kid inventors – a place where kids are secretly inventing the best stuff on the planet. They’re about to test an invention that could change the world – and Mac can’t even tell anybody! It’s killing him!

What about this page – Tristan Bancks lets us into his headHe’s written down all his thoughts while he was writing.

A paragraph from one of his entries:

Here’s how I write. I write on the move. I listen to rock music – U2’s Vertigo, Silverchair’s Straight Lines, The Verve’s Bitter Sweet Symphony, Matchbox Twenty and I’d like to get some Green Day. I listen to this stuff because it feels like the rhythm of my story. I want it to have an immediacy and drive. Words tend to tumble out when I have a song that drives me forward.

Here’s something interesting – Mac and his friends are interviewed – get to  know them here.

Here’s a bit of behind-the-scenes stuff that tells you how the author came to write a book about a Coolhunter, and how Mac came to be an inventor.

You can learn a lot about the author, Tristan Bancks, on the website.

There’s an interview with Tristan on Channel 7’s Home and Away website.

Tristan has his own website. He also has his own blog. He’s also on MySpace.



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