Mr Hardimans reading suggestions for 2009

Magician by Raymond E Feist.

magiciancover2A question that often gets asked of myself in English classes is for a list of books that we have in our library that I would  recommend to you.

After many promises of untold wealth, I would like to share with you one of my personal favorites that should be sitting just a little way down the shelves.

Raymond E Feist was one of the first authors I ever read at Whitefriars College when I wore the brown blazer. I cannot say what drew me to pick up Magician the first time, but i will say that since that time I have read the dozen plus books that he has produced with many re-readings included. Magician is the first in a series that Feist is still toiling away at and it has it all. Excellent and interesting characters, epic battles and bloodshed over two worlds wrapped up in a style of writing that sucks you into reading without effort.

Following the adventures of two boyhood friends Pug and Tomas as they embark upon two very different yet connected paths with a host of supporting characters it caters well to the sword and sorcery crew easily. Rather than give too many spoilers I would simply encourage you to track it down in our library and give it a fair crack. You might be suprised by how good it really is.

Mr. Hardiman

Have a look at the official Raymond E Feist website.

Don’t miss the online atlas to the worlds of Raymond E Feist!


 Love this book? We have heaps of books by this author!


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