Go back 6 thousand years with Michelle Paver

Michelle Paver has just written The Outcast, Book 4 in the series Chronicles of Ancient Darkness.




You can read a summary and reviews of the book here.



Michelle Paver has a great website for fans of the series Chronicles of Ancient Darkness.


There’s an excellent fan site called ‘The Clan’ for readers of the The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series.

You’ll find all the latest news reported here first, and get a chance to win some terrific prizes in the regular competitions.

Read an interview with Michelle and find out all sorts of things, like her most embarrassing moments, her writing tips, who or what influenced her writing, 5 people dead or alive that she would ask to dinner if she could, why she can’t whistle, how she escaped a dangerous incident with a bear, and more…

She talks about her love of archaeology and lists her favourite archaeology books.

How did Michelle set about creating Torak’s world 6,000 years ago? Read about it here. 

I was amazed about what she had done! I had to share some of these things – this is what she says:

For Wolf Brother:

  • I slept on reindeer skins in a traditional open-fronted Finnish shelter called a laavu (surprisingly warm, despite a ground-frost!).

  • I ate elk heart, reindeer, forest berries and spruce resin (which in the Stone Age was used as a kind of antiseptic chewing-gum; I can confirm that it tastes like cough medicine).

For Spirit Walker:

  • I also travelled to Greenland, to learn how the Inuit people traditionally built and handled kayaks, hunted seals, and made their clothes, weapons and shelters out of whale-bone, seal-hide and birdskin.

  • I discovered that hiking alone in Greenland can be scary – as when I saw a polar bear in the distance, and made a dignified retreat!

There’s a lot more about the amazing things she did before writing her books. She’s really ‘lived’ her stories.


Wolf Brother, the first in the series ‘Chronicles of ancient darkness’, is about Torak fighting to save himself and his father from the demon bear that pursues him through the ancient forests of a world 6,000 years ago. Read a review and extract here.

If you have read any books by Michelle Paver, please tell us what you thought of them.


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