Heroes of the valley – Jonathan Stroud

heroesofthevalleystroudHeros of the valley by Jonathan Stroud has its own website. It looks great; check it out for yourself here.

 Here’s a taste of what it’s about:

What is Heroes of the Valley about?  It’s the tale of young Halli Sveinsson, who’d very much like to be the hero in question. Certainly he’s got a hero’s heart (brave, reckless, resolute); unfortunately he’s also short and squat, with little stumpy legs and a face like a toad peering out in a rainstorm. Still, this doesn’t stop him trying to emulate the tales of the great heroes of old, much to the annoyance of his parents, his brother and sister, and everyone else in his small Scandinavian village.

Jonathan Stroud has his own website. Check it out here.                                                                        jonathon-stroud                    

Get a feel for the book to see if it’s for you. Click here to read an excerpt  of this new book.  It’s always interesting to ‘talk’ to the author. Here’s an interview with Jonathan Stroud on the Boys, blokes, books and bytes blog (what a mouthful).

You know, Jonathan Stroud got a lot of his ideas and inspiration from Icelandic sagas. You should read some of these.
My favourite saga was the one where a woman lifted her arms and a light shone out of her armpit. Can’t remember what it was called, but I’ll never forget that woman!

Don’t forget to leave a comment after you’ve read the book, let everyone know what you thought. You could let us know other books about heroes, quests and similar things.


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