Anthony Horowitz’s website

I thought you might like to have a look at Anthony Horowitz’s website. He’s a popular author in our school library. It’s a cool site with lots to read, and pages especially for The power of five and Alex Rider. 


Necropolis is the latest Power of five novel. Click here to read an introduction of this novel by the author himself. Horowitz actually found it challenging to write Necropolis, and here is what he says about that:

‘But with Halloween just a week away, I’m about to hit the road as we launch NECROPOLIS, the fourth book in my Power of Five series. As you may know from my earlier blogs, this wasn’t an easy book to write…in fact I had to tear it up completely and start again. Yes, this is the book with my first heroine instead of a hero – Scarlett Adams – but that wasn’t the problem. The story takes place in Peru, London and Hong Kong as well as the mysterious dream world. All five of the main characters are present (that is – Matt, Pedro, Scott and Jamie as well as Scarlett). It was really difficult weaving all the action together what with explosions, chases, betrayals, fireworks, monsters, major criminal organisations, the sword ladder and all the rest of it’.

Do yourself a favour and have a look. What do you think about the Necropolis cover? 

By the way, I’d also recommend having a look at the Stormbreaker movie website.


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