Looking for John Green?

Try finding him at his weblog updated every single day except for Saturdays and Sundays and some other days on Johns website SparksFlyUp.com.  John frequently explores the following issues:

Conjoined Twins, place in literature; Dental surgery, discomfort of; Surveys, benefit of as procrastination tool; Tennis, getting beaten by wife in; Young adult literature, purpose and definition of; Books, enjoyment of; and writing, perks, and drawbacks of.

In case you haven’t come acoss John Green, he is the author of books such as Looking for Alaska, which I enjoyed immensely.I’d probably place the reading interest age of this book at year 10ish, but that’s flexible.

The blog, on the other hand, would be interesting for all ages. It’s a good way to get to know the guy. He talks about, amongst other things, his fear of heights, and how he (sort of) conquers it, and he’s got a survey for you to do.

He also has a channel on You Tube with his brother Hank called Vlogbrothers. There you  can find such gems as

The evil baby orphanage returns                               Please Google, take me to Mars

Become a time traveller today                                  Squirrel attack

Become a Nerdfighter                                                     I am not Edward Cullen : a song

Zombies vs Unicorns                                                     How to get girls to like you


Visit Vlogbrothers Channel on YouTube for some hilarious Vlogs

Visit Vlogbrothers Channel on YouTube for more hilarious Vlogs

This is one of the videos he actually made of himself getting up on the table to conquer his fear of heights. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but don’t laugh, if you watch the video you’ll see that he really does find it difficult. He does it!

Here’s the link to the post where John Green talks about how he was dared to stand on a table in front of lots of people by a famous author, Justine Larbalestier (meanie). Justine said she’d give $5000 to the charity of his choice if he did it. Scroll down (almost to the bottom) to the post I am afraid of heights and then up to the one above On (sort of) conquering my fear of heights to see the video of John getting up on the table.

It’s interesting to read the comments following this post – people talking about acrophobia and their own stories.

Have a look. It’s like getting to know the author personally. A little about John Green: He lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Read his bio and a short interview here.

You may want to check out another site from John and Hank called Nerdfighters


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