The haunting of Nathaniel Wolfe by Brian Keaney

hauntingofnathanielwolfeThe  subtitle of The haunting of Nathaniel Wolfe is Talking to the dead, and this should be enough to give you an idea of this book’s genre. Interested? Let me whet your appetite…

Here’s an extract from Brian Keaney’s website:

It’s seven o’clock on a cold London evening, and in a grubby theatre down by the docks, Nathaniel Wolfe watches his father –the greatest medium in London – take to the stage. Which of the dead will speak through him tonight? What Nathaniel doesn’t know is that his father is meddling with things he cannot control. Before the night is over Nathaniel will find himself in the middle of a chilling mystery, one that can only be solved from beyond the grave…

Why don’t you read a little about the author, Brian Keaney. 

You know, you could actually get to know the author much better by reading his blog. What’s a blog?  

It’s where a person writes as if they’re talking to you. I found out why Brian Keaney has such a fascination for hauntings in one of his blog posts. Read about it here.

Or why don’t you just read the rest of his blog. By the way, Brian is from the UK and he is on MySpace.  

Do you like horror/mystery stories? Why?

Which ones are your favourites?

Have you had any supernatural experiences? Have you ever been scared to death by something?


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